Magento websites
of any level of complexity

days warranty
+7 (495) 120-37-80

Magento websites
of any level of complexity

days warranty
+7 (495) 120-37-80
We create projects of any difficulty on the Magento platform; from minimalistic virtual showcases to heavily-loaded multilingual online stores.

The website starts working the very first day it is created, and can be fully integrated with any enterprise system such as 1С, ERP, CRM, Akeneo, and others.

What makes our offer even better is a one-year warranty, which means we fix any problems free of charge during a 365-day period.
Our clients
Find out when your
one-year-warranty website will be ready
Find out when your
one-year-warranty website will be ready

Why order a Magento website from us?

  • Right on time
    Our company has been run by French managers throughout its entire history, and the European approach to business has taught us accuracy and responsibility. Honesty and a democratic management style are the main priorities in our corporate culture.

    We act systematically; we don't give unrealistic promises; we don't say "yes" when we mean "no". We guarantee the transparency and openness of all the stages of our work, and your website will always be ready at the desired time.

    Specifics: European management: a responsible business.
  • Exactly the way you want it to look
    Your order is unique and singular for us, and not just another typical project, as is generally accepted on the market. We initially ask you specific questions in order to understand your preferences.

    We have perfect knowledge of all the features of the platform, and create websites with varying levels of complexity. We take into account all the nuances. For example, we choose the work methodology based on what is more convenient to you.

    Specifics. Thanks to collaboration with Michelin and Norauto, we have gained enormous experience in the field of tyre business. We know the processes involved in the work of tyre manufacturers and their dealers perfectly well.
  • Why it is profitable
    We know the requirements of large businesses; we have created websites for many famous companies such as Auchan, Michelin and Daewoo Electronics. We are not just contractors, but rather partners for cooperative problem solving. Over 18 years of work, we have gathered an excellent team of highly qualified managers and experienced Magento online store developers. We create selling sites.

    Specifics. Experience in implementing successful projects. Our clients: Auchan, Michelin Daewoo Electronics
  • Work without failing
    The French management team and transparency of the company make the quality of our work truly European. We are very confident in our product and services, which is why we provide you with a one-year warranty. That means that we fix all possible malfunctions free of charge during a 365-day period.

    Specifics. Free 365-day support leaves no room for issues.
  • Easy scaling
    We form separate teams which continue the support and development of your project. You don't have to waste time explaining the specifics and tasks. The features of the platform allow you to extend the project in any direction at any given time. The site grows together with your growing business.

    Specifics. We provide you with a special work team that knows everything about you.
  • You pay for the result

    We follow the flexible SCRUM methodology, which means you can change the project at any stage of its development. It gives you flexibility and helps to keep your budget under control.

    At first we make a minimal project with basic tools at an optimal price and timing. Afterwards, we develop the project step-by-step, adding secondary features.


    • The estimate is made for the exact amount of hours spent
    • The prices are the same for all specialists: programmers, designers, typesetters, analysts, testers.
    • Project management is included in the price. A personal manager works with you without any additional payment.
Find out how we estimate expenditures. Compare our rates
Find out how we estimate expenditures.
Compare our rates

Our services

Website development
Main specialization — ecommerce projects on the magento platform.
Our clients stay with us for many years. Auchan, Michelin and Daewoo Electronics are good examples. We support and develop projects suited for constantly changing market tendencies.
Digital design
We create modern and practical web designs suited to your company’s standards. Total involvement in the project helps us meet all your expectations.
Complex digital services
We provide full-cycle services. We have specialists for each stage: from analysis and design to promotion of the finished project.
  • Online stores of any level of difficulty
  • Complex SEO-preparation
  • Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Hosting: affordable and convenient
  • The site is designed exactly as you wish
  • Fully integrated with your enterprise systems: 1С, ERP, CRM, and Akeneo
  • Free 365-day support
  • Online stores of any level of difficulty
  • Complex SEO-preparation
  • Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Hosting: affordable and convenient
  • The site is designed exactly as you wish
  • Fully integrated with your enterprise systems: 1С, ERP, CRM, and Akeneo
  • Free 365-day support

Our works

Development and support over 9 years. Synchronization and exchange with several internal systems of Auchan. Multistock. API for mobile application. Adaptive layout. Increase of data volume by 33 times. Preparing for sales and high load. Hosting and administration.
Development of an online store on the model of marketplace. Development of a unique adaptive design. Synchronization with tire dealers and suppliers accounting systems. Multistock, technical support,
hosting and administration.
Migration of Italian store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Setting up data exchange between systems in Italy. Development and launch of online store in Russia. Hosting and administration.
François Bakery
Design and launch of the Boulangerie François online shop for traditional French bakery products.
Find out the cost of your site development with 1 year
free support
Find out the cost of your site development with 1 year
free support

Why Magento?

  • 1
    It is the most popular platform for online stores
    14% of the 10 thousand largest ecommerce websites use this platform.
  • 2
    For powerful projects
    Sophisticated design intended for heavy workload. Has native tools which allow for faster display and functioning.
  • 3
    Grows with your business
    Convenient scaling in case of increasing web traffic and number of visitors.
  • 4
    Security that meets highest standards
    Controlled not only by internal security audits, but also externally by a huge community and specialized companies. Modern AES-256 and SHA-256 encryption algorithms; built-in password policies; built based on modern systems with support that meets international standards.
  • 5
    The site is visited from the first day
    Built-in tools for better site indexing by search engines; SEO friendly URLs for products and categories including their names; ability to change meta tags and page headlines; automatic generation of Google sitemaps, markup product descriptions.
  • 6
    Effective marketing kit
    You can easily make discounts on certain products, categories, product types, on all the contents of the cart, for special clients, or with a coupon code.
  • 7
    Easily integrated with your internal systems
    A huge number of modules for integration with all popular payment gateways, CRM systems, and delivery services.
  • 8
    Can be handled very easily
    The functions of the static block can be incorporated into any webpage. All products and categories are easily edited in the administrative part of the site; you can change multiple attributes at the same time.
  • 9
    Work all around the world
    You can create multiple versions of your site in different languages and with different currencies. You can even create a different catalogue for each of them.
Our processes
Immersion in your project

Call or message us
Initial briefing
Сollection of input data, requirements and wishes.
We shape our offer and estimates, including the price range and approximate deadlines
All processes are described in great detail, and the price for each part is estimated separately. You can exclude any product in order to reduce the price.

Starting the project

Further briefing
Defining the targets and goals of the website, analysis of competitors and target audience. Observation of the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors' designs. Defining the problems of the target audience and deciding how they can be solved. Forming the structure of the website.
SEO analysis and preparation
Collecting and clustering the semantic core. We build a website structure that is correct from the SEO point of view, complete with all necessary types of pages, correct navigation and linking, all of which place your website at the top of search engine results.
Creating a unique design or adjusting a ready template.
cutting, programming, integration
with ERP, CRM, 1C.
Content management
Manual and automatized testing

Product development and support

Your manager is always available for consultations and help with work in the admin panel. All malfunctionings that were missed during the testing are fixed free of charge during a 365-day period. An extended warranty is then provided for a fixed monthly payment.
Customer reviews
  • Svetlana Luzan
    IT project manager Auchan

    Trust and support: Not an empty formula

    Having worked with the company Atalan for a long time, I can recommend them as reliable and professionnal partners. Throughout our long period of partnership, trust and support between our 2 companies has never been an empty formula.

  • Naira Gukasova
    IT project manager Michelin

    Tasks are quickly processed with enthusiasm

    We have launched our Ecommerce store with the company Atalan. The project is complex, with a lot of interesting and ambitious features. Atalan’s developers quickly process them with enthusiasm. Thank you for the work that has been accomplished. We are sure that our productive partnership will keep on thriving in the future.
  • Anton Korenyako
    Marketing manager, De Fonseca

    Atalan — It’s a fantastic team. Thank you!

    Atalan is a real partner on which you know you can rely. Managers and developers and always online to operationnally solve all requests. We’ve been working together for 2 years, and during this time has emerged not only partnership, but also a friendly relashionship. Thank you in advance to add them.

  • Tatiana Mamontova
    Marketing manager, Dim

    Interesting recommendation regarding site improvement

    Atalan’s team processed the task, in spite of communication difficulties between our companies at the beginning of our relationship. Thank you Artem and Atalan’s team for your help in improving our site, for your interesting recommendation regarding its improvement and your dedicated approach for our project.
Why "Auchan" has trusted us for 13 years

Companies stay with us for many years. Not only are we site developers, but we are also business partners

  • The website is just what you want it to be, and is ready right on time.
  • It sells your products; that’s why we study your specifics.
  • It is scaled easily: complete version at all stages of project growth.
  • You pay for the result: estimates are transparent down to the last penny.
  • Free 365-day support. Each element performs its tasks flawlessly.
If you have any questions
If you have any questions
+7 (495) 120-37-80
Novodmitrovskaya Ulitsa, 2 building 1
Moskva, 127015